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Ceramides are lipids, also known as fats. They are compounds of a fatty acid and sphingosine – two main parts of the cell membranes in our skin. Even though they’re a natural part of our skin, their amount decreases as we age, and the production of new ceramides virtually stops after the age of 40. 


Ceramides help prevent skin ageing and wrinkles, which is why they should be supplied in the form of cosmetic products. Their deficiency in the skin can manifest through unpleasant itching, tightness, and irritation. Ceramides help keep the moisture in our hair and skin and create a protective barrier, which is why they’re often used in products for dry hair and skin, or in products designed to treat eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis.

Characteristics of Ceramides

Ceramides have a huge impact on our skin’s appearance and overall health, and they also affect our sensitivity to harmful external factors (stressors and pathogens). They make our skin firmer, fuller, and well-hydrated. They even have the ability to regenerate skin down to the molecular level.

Effects of Ceramides on Skin

  • Protect skin from dryness caused by environmental factors (heating, air conditioning, pollution, UV light).
  • Restore skin texture and prevent skin thinning and loss of elasticity.
  • Regenerate the skin and prevent new wrinkles and other signs of skin ageing.
  • Their protective barrier keeps out harmful free radicals, microorganisms, and allergens.

Effects of Ceramides on Hair

  • They activate regenerative processes in the outer coating of the hair, thus restoring cellular cohesion and sealing the hair from root to end.
  • Take care of the scalp and hair roots, creating a protective barrier against dryness and harmful external factors.
  • Keep the hair strong, resilient, glossy, and free of dandruff.

Ceramides in Cosmetic Products

As we get older, our natural skin barrier gets weaker and our body slowly stops producing ceramides which normally fill the space between cells to help our skin look young without visible damage caused by ageing. Skin care with ceramides is important for prevention, which is why it should be used regularly as soon as we turn 30. After the age of 40, our skin is missing more than 60% of ceramides and becomes rougher with more visible wrinkles.

Ceramides are a natural part of our skin, which is why they are suitable for all skin types including very sensitive skin prone to acne. Try an eye cream with ceramides to treat the delicate skin around your eyes and prevent dark circles, or hydrating serums and ceramide cream for dry skin.

Ceramides in intense hair masks, hair treatments, and conditioners help regenerate damaged hair fibres while protecting the quality of your hair during frequent dyeing and heat styling.

Unpleasant feelings of tightness, itching, visible wrinkles, and lifeless hair can be signs of a lack of ceramides in the body. carries cosmetic products with ceramides for the eye area, as well as moisturising skin care and body care. Try them now and enjoy having beautiful skin without signs of ageing as long as possible.

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