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Probiotics in cosmetics

Probiotics are microorganisms or live cultures which live on your skin and positively affect its health. Our skin houses millions of bacteria, viruses, and yeast cells which protect it from harmful environmental factors (such as pollution, harmful bacteria, UV light, and others). If you take care of the protective function of your skin and keep these cultures in balance, your skin will be protected from free radicals and toxins, while its overall quality, texture, and moisturising abilities improve. It’s been also proven that probiotics reduce the skin’s sensitivity to various allergens. 


Characteristics of Probiotics

Probiotics in cosmetic products are a new approach which has caused a veritable revolution in skin care because of their benefits, their ability to increase your skin’s resilience, to keep its microbiome (the protective skin barrier) balanced, and ensure lasting beauty and health.

Effects of Probiotics on Skin

  • They positively affect skin sensitivity.
  • Strengthen the natural protective skin barrier.
  • Help restore your skin’s hydrating abilities.
  • Prevent the formation of premature wrinkles, slow down process of ageing.
  • Reduce pH, thus keeping your skin balanced.
  • Repair skin barrier and positively affect skin texture.
  • Reduce the activity of sebaceous glands, thus combatting acne and rosacea as well as broken capillaries.

Cosmetic Products with Probiotics

If your skin is not balanced, it will manifest through unpleasant eczema, spots, and increased sensitivity. Cosmetic products with probiotics help promote cleansing processes in the skin, and their regular use leads to brighter and better skin. Probiotics are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and skin prone to inflammation.

One of the best probiotics used in skin care are Lactobacillus lysate and bifidus derived from probiotics, such as Bifidobacterium longum. carries a wide range of products containing selected probiotics to combat skin problems and skin sensitivity at any age, as well as signs of skin ageing and maturity.

The miracle of probiotics has long been proven to have beneficial effects on digestion and our immune system. It’s time to offer the same benefits to our skin and improve its defence mechanism so that it can be protected from toxins and stay healthy. Find your probiotic cream, probiotic serum, or cleansing sheet mask with probiotics at today, and give your skin a whole dose of good bacteria that will take care of your beauty.

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