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Stylish fashion with a drop of provocation, iconic denim and intoxicating fragrances for women and men – that is the American brand Guess.

The story of the brand began in 1981 when it was founded by brothers Marciano who moved from France to sunny California to pursue their American dream. They became famous for their denim designs and Guess soon turned into a symbol of youthful, adventurous and sexy lifestyle. Their iconic advertising campaigns made Guess a household name and today the brand is a true international empire – and not just in denim fashion.

The first Guess fragrance was introduced in 1990, and since then the brand has launched numerous fragrances for men and women that include something for everyone. Try for instance the feminine Guess by Marciano Eau de Parfum full of fruity and floral notes, the fruity-floral Guess Seductive with vanilla, pear and citruses, the floral-woody Guess Dare or the sweet and youthful Guess Girl. Men will absolutely love the spicy Guess by Marciano for Men Eau de Toilette or the oriental Guess Seductive Homme. You might also be interested in Guess 1981 Eau de Toilette – both in its feminine and masculine version.

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