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Jasmine perfume

It’s said to inspire feelings of joy and happiness, soothe the senses during meditation and even to be an aphrodisiac. Jasmine is one of the most popular and also the most expensive essences in the perfume world. While rose is often called the queen of all aromas, jasmine might well be their king.


Characteristics of jasmine scent:

A sweet and very intoxicating floral scent with delicate fruity and green notes.

How the jasmine aroma is obtained:

The essence of jasmine blossoms is usually obtained through enfleurage, which consists of using fat to extract the scent. More than 1 million jasmine blossoms are needed for 1 kilogram of jasmine oil. They have to be picked before sunrise, while their aroma is the most beautiful and intense. Jasmine perfumes are delicate, sexy and enchanting. Pick your jasmine fragrance today!

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