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Oud perfume

Welcome to the world of Middle-Eastern fragrance! Oud perfumes are sweet, perfectly balanced and mysterious. Their intoxicating compositions are the symbol of uniqueness and luxury.


Oud comes from the rarest trees in the world that grow for up to 300 years and produce oils with a profound spiritual significance going back to the beginnings of ancient civilisations. More than just an ingredient in perfumery, they are an aide in religious contemplation and meditation.

Characteristics of oud scent:

The mystical scent of oud is very rich, with notes of musk, incense, smoke, lingering bitter honey and ground mint leaves.

How the oud aroma is obtained:

The volatile essential oil is harvested from the rare Aquilaria or Agarwood tree. When the wood gets infected with a parasitic mould, the tree starts to produce a protective resin with a pleasant aroma. A rare and highly valued oil is then obtained from the resin through steam distillation and left to mature in casks.

Out is often nicknamed “liquid gold” because the price of the best oud oil actually surpasses the price of gold. Succumb to this luxury animalistic scent from the Middle East and discover your new oud perfume today!

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