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Sally Hansen

About Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen – the power of hand-crafted beauty. One of the most successful nail care brands, this company has a simple philosophy: They believe that the most precious beauty is born when women take matters in their own hands and create it themselves.


Sally Hansen herself was an incredibly strong woman, an innovator, and an icon of modern style who became a successful self-made businesswoman in the 1950s. Since the now legendary Sally Hansen Hard as Nails® Hard as Wraps™ nail varnish, the company has come out with many more cosmetic products that help you get a stellar manicure and pedicure at home while feeling proud for achieving the same professional result you would get in a salon.

Do you love little moments of self-care? Sally Hansen beauty offers everything you need for these relaxing times, including their know-how and inspiration. Whether you’ll choose a Sally Hansen nail strengthener, the popular Sally Hansen gel varnish, or the special Sally Hansen NailGrowth Miracle® treatment, you will absolutely love the perfect results.

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