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About Sensai

Inspired by the search for undying beauty, Sensai products combine modern skin-care technologies with the power of rare Koishimaru silk. This unique coupling of science and nature with the Japanese aesthetic sense comes together in perfect harmony with your body and enhances the natural beauty of every one of us.

Sensai beauty is part of the Kanebo brand whose history goes all the way back to 1887. The key ingredient in Sensai products is Koishimaru silk, which was historically designed to be used exclusively by the imperial family of Japan. Koishimaru stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid which gives the skin lasting hydration and leaves it silky smooth, nourished, and beautiful.

But Kanebo and Sensai believe that beauty is more than just your appearance. They believe that feeling beautiful inspires courage and confidence in each of us, leading to a happier, more joyful society on the whole. Become a believer as well – try the iconic anti-wrinkle Sensai Cellular Performance Cream or a Sensai foundation, and awaken your individual beauty.

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