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About Sesderma

Sesderma is a brand of innovative dermocosmetics whose products are based on the latest findings in the fields of dermatology and genocosmetics. This Spanish company has been setting trends in modern skin care, their products are extremely effective and have won many prestigious awards.


The story of Sesderma starts back in 1989 when it was founded by world-renown dermatologist Dr. Gabriel Serrano. These days, Sesderma skin care is available in almost 60 countries around the world and their products are appreciated by customers and experts alike. Sesderma was also one of the first brands to introduce dermocosmetics which use revolutionary nanotechnology that allows active ingredients to penetrate the deepest layers of your skin. 

Some of the brand’s most popular lines are Sesderma C-Vit and Sesderma Azelac, especially Sesderma mask, Sesderma scrub or Sesderma Salises gel for face and body. We also recommend Sesderma Hidraderm Facial cleansing lotion and Sesderma SPF 50 sun care.

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