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Coconut perfume

Whether you dream of delicate coconut mist or an intense feeling of being in the middle of a tropical paradise, a coconut fragrance will take you back to those blissful moments of summer holiday at any time.


The exotic coconut scent lifts your spirits and has relaxing effects but the delicate and seductive sweet notes will also capture the attention of people around you.

Characteristics of coconut scent:

A sparkly sweet scent with vanilla undertones that creates a very unique exotic impression.

How the coconut aroma is obtained:

The coconut is the fruit of the coconut tree. You can find these trees mostly in Asia, Central and South America, Africa and in the Pacific region. Delicate essences are obtained by soaking the coconut flesh and gradual evaporation and later used in perfumery and aromatherapy. However, perfumers also use synthetic coconut aromas because some natural essence can lose their fragrance while they’re being processed and synthetic ingredients ensure that your favourite perfume will smell divine for a long time.

The coconut scent goes beautifully with jasmine, fruity notes and tuberose. Find the best combination for you and pick up your coconut fragrance today!

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