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Vanilla perfume

Everyone knows the sweet, invigorating and exciting scent of vanilla which has been used as the fragrance of seduction for ages. It lifts your mood, brings euphoria and relieves stress. Vanilla is obtained from vanilla pods that can be found on a gorgeous orchid flower with yellow blossoms. Originally from Mexico and beloved by the Toltec and Aztec cultures, it can now also be found in the Caribbean, Indonesia and on Madagascar – the biggest producer of vanilla in the world.


Characteristics of vanilla scent:

A sweet and delicious gourmand scent. Bourbon vanilla has a gentle woody and smokey aroma.

How the vanilla aroma is obtained:

Vanilla pods are harvested before they’re ripe, after about 8 months. Then they’re left to dry and fermented, creating tiny crystals of the aromatic vanillin which is the source of the sweet vanilla scent and taste. The whole process is very complex and costly, which is why today’s vanilla essences are mostly synthetic.

Vanilla fragrances are very seductive without coming across as cheap. Give in to their warm aroma and find the best vanilla perfume today!

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