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Powdery perfumes

Powdery perfumes are irreplaceable, tender and very feminine. These stunning scents have become very trendy not only for everyday wear but also for exceptional occasions such as a wedding day.


Soft and clean powdery scents are comforting and smell groomed, embodying elegance and femininity that will be the best companion everywhere you go. These perfectly constructed perfumes can be cooling in summer, and cosy in winter and they will last very long on your skin and your favourite sweater.

Perfume bottles will astonish you with their soft shapes, and tender colours but especially stories hidden in these perfume bottles will create the perfect experience when wearing these fragrances.

Odour profile of powdery perfumes:

Whether talking about natural or synthetic powdery scents, these notes can be categorized into two main groups. The first group resembles the retro face powder and the main notes are less sweet, musky and have a more sophisticated feel like a freshly powdered skin. The second group of powdery notes resembles a baby powder which is a simpler scent with hints of violets, lavenderroses and vanilla. The scent is fresh, calm and quite nostalgic. Both of these groups have very long-lasting tones, and they will stay on your skin all day long.

Making the powdery scent:

Soft and delicate powdery perfumes are created using iris, violet, musk, roses, vanilla, resin or heliotrope notes. It is the perfect blend of clean, musky and feminine fragrance with a hint of woody and floral notes. Powdery scents are also made synthetically, and they are just irreplaceable in the perfume world for their softness, freshness and a little retro touch.

Cover yourself in a powdery perfume with a hint of nostalgy and discover the world of stunning scents that will ''pick you up'' in your everyday hustle or make a perfect fragrance for your wedding day!

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